Blast to Last: Preserving Your Metal For Posterity Has Become Easy

Powder Coating in New ZealandThe life of steel and other metal products can be lengthened by subjecting them to the simple process of sandblasting. This method can remove any surface contaminants and replace it with a rough surface.

Every industry makes use of steel or other types of metal either as a component of the finished product or as tools to create stuff. From furniture makers to beverage manufacturers, these materials are viewed with great importance. It is, therefore, necessary to give them sufficient protection to ensure that they last for a long time.

Metal parts

Perhaps you may have noticed the smooth and durable coating on steel furniture or industrial equipment. Before they ended up in that state, they first went through several processes that ensure the final coating will not easily peel off with the passing of time. You see, the metal materials used in making them are smooth in their raw state. If you apply a coat of paint to its surface, it won’t stick.

What can be done?

Furniture or equipment manufacturers in New Zealand would first spray the metal surface of their products with special sand. Using a high-velocity sandblaster, the process will remove any surface contaminant found on the metal surface and cover it with a consistently rough profile. You will feel a sandpaper-like texture after this process is finished. This is necessary to ensure adhesion of painting processes that would follow.

What’s the purpose of this?

The purpose is two-fold. The first is to remove any oil, rust, and other material on the surface, and secondly, to provide a rough crust that allows the final coat to bond securely. Once the sandblasting process is done, an epoxy primer is then applied to the rough crust. Its primary function is to act as glue between the coarse surface and the powder coat. In an article published in the Paint and Coatings Industry magazine, corrosion-resistant coatings were made possible because of the sandblasting process.

Forever stuck

Why go through all these processes when you can apply powder coat directly to a clean metal? Technically, yes, you can do that. But even if the metal is clean, the powder coating will peel off very soon because it has nothing to grab on to. With a rough surface achieved after a sandblasting process, the final coating will firmly stick to the metal after several decades.

Since your semi-finished products can be considered your investment, subjecting them to the sandblasting process is like providing them with insurance protection. You wouldn’t like your investment to look like a peeled orange or peppered with corrosion after only a year or so, would you? With the protection offered by sandblasting, your finished products will last for a long time.

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