Look As Good As You Feel: 3 Must-Try Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Cardio Fitness

Cardio Fitness

As you age, you need to exercise more to keep your body fit and healthy. Starting a new workout regimen is never easy and can be downright scary for many. Fortunately, there are many low-impact workouts that are easier on the body, reducing the risk of any injury.

Built to be easy enough, even a low-impact exercise can help you burn calories or maintain weight just as what high impact moves do to your body.

Here are some great, easy-on-the-joints workouts that are more effective than you might think:


Have a great time with your friends while you burn major calories with an indoor trampoline fitness class. It offers a structured exercise routine, but is way different from other gruelling workouts. Rebounding classes involve jumping, and both your feet will leave the surface simultaneously. According to fitness expert Bounce, “These are high intensity low-impact cardio workouts that blast your core, improve all over muscle tone and lift your heart rate.” Some say it’s like you are just playing, as you will have fun the entire session.

Water Aerobics

Want something new? It’s time you try to move your workout to the water. With water aerobics, you can enjoy hot summer days more. It’s a low-impact workout that maximises calorie burn. In addition, water aerobics may help you stay fit and live longer. This is not difficult to look for, as you can easily find it at fitness centres that have pools. The best thing about this kind of exercise is it’s perfect for any age, whether young or old. Research reveals it allows you to burn at least 132 calories for every half hour.


No gym close to your home? That is not a problem. You can do a low-impact exercise in your living room or bedroom just by buying an elliptical machine. This is an ideal workout for beginners, especially when it comes to putting less strain or stress on your body. Another great thing about it is that it’s a fun way to work those legs, arms and lower back. To amp up your exercise routine, try several elliptical workout ideas.

The best and right way to begin a workout regimen is to start slow and easy. After a few months, you can challenge yourself to try something new. Just know your body’s limits, though. You don’t have to push your body a little too far just to achieve your fitness goals.

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