Buyer’s Guide to the Right Flooring Material

right flooring material

right flooring materialWhat’s a house without proper flooring? You may not know it, but flooring can affect the overall appearance of your house and it can likewise create a theme for your home.

To hire home improvement services for this express purpose, lists the most popular flooring styles you can choose, along with their function.

1. Hardwood, Bamboo and Cork

Cork comes from mature trees and they easily absorb stains and other liquids. Wood floors on the other hand come manufactured from maple, pecan, beech, cherry, oak, pine, birch, walnut, hickory and more. Bamboo is more environmentally friendly, and that’s because it is not a tree but grass, which means they grow faster than trees. They come in honey brown or light tan colors.

2. Laminate and Linoleum

Laminate floors are not only cheaper than hardwood, but also easy to maintain. Compared to other floor materials, they are great for high traffic areas. Linoleum on the other hand come rolled when you purchase it, then rolled out when you spread it out on the floor. They come in varying thicknesses.

3. Ceramic, Vinyland Marble

Ceramic and marble are both waterproof. Ceramic is highly water-resistant, which makes it ideal for the bathroom, while you can install marble for kitchens. Vinyl serves the same purpose, but it’s more affordable.

4. Other Types

Carpets and rugs are your best bet if you hate getting your feet cold. They provide good insulation against the cold weather even if you walk barefoot. Finally, rubber is common in recreation rooms, playrooms and children’s bedrooms where there is a lot of physical activity. This is a safety type of flooring that reduces the risk of injuries due to high traction.

Floors are one of the most durable parts of a house, and they should, given the abuse it receives day in, day out. Choose your flooring with care, and it will serve you well all your life.

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