Cleaning Venetian Blinds: Homeowners Share Practical Tips

Cleaning the venetian blinds

Cleaning the venetian blindsThe timber venetian blinds you bought from your favourite window covering and accessories shop in Perth will accumulate dirt over time. It may get stained, show discolouration or need replacement soon. Keep them clean to prevent those things from happening.

Information from manufacturers

Through proper installation, use and maintenance, venetian blinds can last longer. Use the manufacturer’s guidelines as your primary source of information.
Take note of specific instructions and make sure to follow them. Contact the supplier if there’s something you’re not familiar with.

Cleaning methods

It wouldn’t hurt to ask for advice, especially when you need to go beyond basic cleaning. Some people use wood cleaners to have stain-free window blinds. Others use non-wax furniture polish to keep the timber blinds looking shiny.

However, make sure that the cleaning materials you use won’t damage the blinds. says timber venetian blinds in Perth may have lacquered, stained or oiled finishes, so choose the cleaning material wisely.

Never put the blinds in the water. It may be tempting to do so when a feather duster can’t remove the sticky dust film, but it can ruin the timber.

Though some homeowners recommend the method for deep cleaning, you may use a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt instead. Wipe the slats using a dry cloth afterwards. Clean them regularly to make cleaning and removal of accumulated dust easier.

When it comes to cleaning wooden window blinds, use a light feather or wool duster. Use downward strokes to keep the slats hooked. When using a vacuum, choose a soft brush attachment.

Cleaning The Slats

Homeowners are the best sources of practical tips when cleaning slats. For this, they recommend using old socks or gloves. Wear them, rub some fabric conditioner on your covered hands and run your fingers along each slat.

This also helps remove the static electricity that tends to pull dirt.

Most people reuse paint brushes after cleaning them with vinegar. If you can’t use them for painting anymore, use them to clean the blinds instead.

Use a soft paint brush, preferably one that fits the width of the slats. Dip the brush in liquid fabric softener and brush along the slats.

Your timber venetian blinds may not be the easiest to clean and maintain, but all it takes is a little practice. Clean them regularly to get used to the regimen.

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