Hands Working Together Can Make Singapore Even Greater

Merlion in SingaporeIt’s hard to imagine how much global efforts Singapore exerts globally given its diminutive size. Who would think that the small island-nation would rise from being but a separate Malay state to become a foremost global financial centre? Despite its prominence, however, the Lion City faces a lot of challenges on many fronts and needs all the hands it can get.

Volunteering in Singapore is one way you can make this happen. When citizens pitch in, progress speeds up even faster.

A Work in Progress

Without a doubt, the Republic of Singapore is a class all its own. Even when its size is just about 2/3 of New York City and its people just over 5.5 million in population, it has managed to get the world’s attention, playing a central role in the global economy.

And the nation’s affluence is apparent. Today, Singaporeans enjoy the third highest per capita in the world ($64,584) trumping even that of superpower United States.

Still there are issues bogging the city-state. For one, it has to confront an ageing population. Add the complexity of global commerce, and you have Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong focused on enhancing the economy, a Time magazine interview reports.

Lending a Hand

Volunteering in Singapore allows such greater things to happen. When people lend a hand without thinking about financial remuneration, the lives of a lot of people improve significantly. For instance, when you take care of the aged, you extend aid to someone who may not have the financial muscle to pay you back financially. In doing so, you not only make the senior citizen happy, you spread the joy to his family who could be far away.

Additionally, you reap a lot of benefits by volunteering. For one, the new experience alone improves your leadership skills, a valuable asset in the workplace. Moreover, you get to widen your circle while improving your health in the process.

In short, you make everyone around you happy. All that good vibes should make Singapore a far better place than when you started.

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