What to Do About Your Chimney During the Last Days of Summer

Summer is drawing to a close; a few weeks later, preparations for winter begin. While most homeowners still focus on cooling themselves from the heat, there is still time to divert your attention in preparing for winter instead.

Come September, chimney sweep companies will see full schedules until January due to the home-owners wanting to upgrade their fireplaces for winter. Instead of waiting in line for services on clogged chimney and faulty fireplaces, get all the work done immediately.

For ChimneySweepUK, a nationwide network of chimney sweeps, prompt professional service spares you from chimney odours and cold atmosphere during the winter season. The last days of summer for services are ideal due the following:

Routine Maintenance

The spring cleaning season may have included chimney sweeping in your routine; if not, summer remains the best time for maintenance. The humid heat of the season combined with moisture in the air results in a dirty and foul-smelling chimney. The unpleasant odour is a result of leftover creosote and soot, and negative pressure from the air drop.

Scheduling a chimney sweep now spares your home from smelling like summer barbecue indoors. A good sweep rids the chimney of smoke smell.

Time for Inspection and Repairs

Chimney systems require regular inspection to ensure these are in good working condition. The same applies when you make changes to the system. After installing a new fireplace, have a second inspection to check for weaknesses and damage, which may decrease efficiency or put you at risk for fires.

Summer upgrades leave time for possible repairs before the cold weather season. Early detection spares you from bigger repairs that compromise your comfort and finances. Use the season to plan ahead and address chimney issues.

Add the chimney to your list of to-do’s before the summer season ends. When winter comes, you and your family will be warm, cosy and free from chimney-related concerns.

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