How Biking Gets You the Body You Want


BikingWorking a 9-5 job in the urban chaos of Manila takes its toll on even the most experienced city dwellers. Munching on fast food and sitting in front of a computer creates a sedentary habit that is difficult to break free from.

Other than bulges around your waste, there are real health risks of an inactive lifestyle. Biking is an easy sport to get into as it does not require a lot of money and equipment. It not only burns fat and reduces stress, it targets specific body parts that make you look ripped and fit.

Powering through Nature

One of the perks of taking up biking as a hobby is that it takes you to beautiful landscapes in and out of the city. Bike tours,likes what offer take you to verdant hills and lush hillsides as you burn fat and work your leg muscles.

Biking puts pressure on the legs as you move up and down rolling hills. It defines and strengthens your quadriceps, making you look bigger and fit. This group of muscles is the meaty part of your thighs, muscular quads make you look good and improve your cycling stamina.

The calf muscles and hamstrings also get a decent workout. Exercising these muscles strengthen your legs and reduce the possibility of an injury.

Cycling is an activity that sculpts the gluteus maximus, also known as the butt. For those who want a shapely backside, biking is a sport that gives it the round and defined shape that people want.

Sculpt Those Abs

Who doesn’t want to have a six-pack? Biking is a sport that requires discipline and balance. You need core strength to sit on a bike while leaning forward while powering through hills, streets or forests.

The abdominal muscles control your turns, dips and ascents. The workout burns fat and strengthens your core muscles, giving them a sculpted look. Stronger abs also supports and strengthens the back, reducing the probability of injuries.

Biking is a fun sport that takes you through nature while giving you an excellent workout that tones different muscles in your body.

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