Effective Ways of Dealing with Alcohol Addiction in Women

Alcohol addiction in women

Alcohol addiction in womenAmerica has seen escalating numbers in alcohol consumption and addiction. While binge drinking may seem harmless, having it as a regular habit may lead to addiction—a practice highly evident in women these days.

As a country, American women who binge on alcohol rose by 17.5% in the seven years incurred from 2005 to 2012, and only a 4.9% hike for men. The alarming rate calls for precautionary measures to address the probable emergence of alcohol addiction in women.

As biased as it sounds, there are specific and alternative ways to effectively deal with alcohol dependence. Try the following:

Women-Centered Treatment

Going to a facility whose expertise is formed and specially molded for women may just be the key to your recovery.

Rehab centers run by women, like Annie’s House, know just how important it is to be comfortable in trying times and caters to your needs as a woman. You need not feel isolated or treated differently among women, so this is an option for you to carefully consider.

Focus on Health

While studies show that women are more likely to face more difficult challenges in alcoholism than men are, it has also been found that they are more susceptible to health risks.

Another way to handle alcoholism may be to shift your focus to something more beneficial like health and wellness. By giving yourself another point of focus, your attention to alcohol will be diverted to more productive things, and in the long run you may lose the habit.

Surround Yourself with Different People

Half the time you drink, you find yourself with friends or the same people repeatedly. Try being around people who have health habits and practice better lifestyles than yours. You will see yourself slowly adapting theirs and dropping your unhealthy choices.

Other than peer pressure, one of the many things you can avoid is sharing the aura and negativity in outlook people around you exude. This can be stressful.

It is difficult to find comfort and help in very difficult circumstances, just like addiction. As a woman, there will always be a part of you that will be more at ease in the company of other women, give yourself that opportunity and recover knowing your journey is filled with people who truly know you and your needs.

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