How Should Non-IT Professionals Make the Switch to a Tech Career?

Information technology employees checking the codes

The IT industry will lure more professionals into making a career shift primarily because of high starting salaries compared to jobs in their respective fields. In fact, some of the best and in-demand jobs pay between $80,000 and $100,000 for those with the right experience and skills.

The salary alone tempts many workers, especially millennials, to pursue a tech career as early as now, and possibly clinch that six-figure salary. However, those without prior experience in IT should establish their credentials by gaining the necessary certification such as the CompTIA Network+ N10-007. Exam reviewers and training modules are essential to any applicant since the N10-007 test costs $319.

The Salary of Network+ Certified Professionals

Once you gain the Network+ certification, you could start building experience before achieving an average annual salary of $45,200 for those with less than a year of experience. This figure will increase depending on your job role, employer and location.

Some of the standard entry-level roles for Network+ certified individuals include a data center technician, IT support specialist, and network administrator. If you want to earn more, you could apply for mid-level positions such as an IT manager or system administrator as soon as you meet the required experience. Network+ can make all of this possible, so you should take advantage of a rosy outlook for the job market.

More Jobs in the Future

Developer using a laptopNon-IT professionals are flocking to the IT industry because there seems to be a stable demand for computer and information technology jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the segment’s job growth will reach 12% by 2024. While it might be small, BLS expects this growth to be higher than any other industry.

Just last year, the IT sector created more than 250,000 “hybrid technical roles.” Millennials have pursued many of these jobs not only because of higher starting salaries but also due to the prospect of promotions.

Why Tech Jobs Are Popular

Another less common reason why more millennials want an IT job involves complex and demanding work. It’s no secret that most of them thrive when faced with stimulating tasks. Since IT work rarely becomes repetitive and monotonous, they expect each day to provide a different challenge. This ensures that they consistently learn something new that they can credit to their personal growth.

Add the concept of a healthy work-life balance, and it becomes a no-brainer why many are interested in becoming a tech professional. Several tech companies have implemented policies such as flexible work schedules and remote employment to attract younger talents. These employers know that millennials are bound to comprise the most significant share of the workforce soon.

Now seems to be a good time for non-IT professionals to start a tech career, as employers find it hard to fill job vacancies because of a so-called skills gap. Certification will be among their best assets even for those who are already in the industry. While competition seems unnoticeable today, it won’t take long before more people pursue the same job once there are plenty of qualified candidates.

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