Is It Possible For Australia to Use 100% Renewable Energy?

Technician checking solar panels

Iceland and Paraguay are two countries that solely rely on renewable energy for power generation, which means it’s also possible for Australia to achieve the same thing.

U.S. Energy Information Administration data showed that Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark and Norway are the other countries with a high rate of dependence on renewable sources, ranging between 69 per cent and 99 per cent.

Feasible Choice

The use of hydropower, wind, geothermal, and solar in industrial settings have been known for quite some time, although it only progressed in Australia based on a Climate Council report. Companies are now turning to renewable sources due to lower business costs and to avoid paying the high price of electricity.

At the same time, prices for renewables have become cheaper. If you’re unsure how making the switch would affect hydraulic separator systems, some suppliers offer expert advice on industrial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. Aside from cheaper costs, businesses turn to renewable energy to strike a favourable impression among their clients.

People’s Choice

More people are less likely to patronise a company or brand that doesn’t use renewable energy, according to the Climate Council report. Hence, Australian companies adjusted to meet their consumers’ changing preferences. In other cases, a good track record on sustainability also helps in luring qualified employees, said Future Business Council CEO, James Wright.

He added that state and local governments in the country had recognised the need to support this trend. Programmes such as the Sustainable Melbourne Fund and the Our Energy Future initiative in Sydney are just some examples. The so-called pay-as-you-go scheme also allows companies to rent and test renewable energy systems.


Australia may not be in the big league of countries that use 100 per cent renewable energy. However, Climate Council’s report only indicated that there are more reasons than just saving money when companies make the switch.

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