Is Your Home a Thief Magnet?

Garage Door

Garage DoorBreaking and entering and theft are not impulsive decisions made by thieves. They scout an area and look for a house to break into. They look for distinct characteristics and get as much information they need before striking.

Does your home display attributes of a property that a thief might break into?

An Ornate Façade

Nothing catches an attention of a burglar more than a loud exterior. You make your home an immediate target with a flashy design, bright colors and ostentatious decorations. These also highlight the most vulnerable parts of your home.

Lack of Maintenance

Thieves are not only drawn to extravagant exteriors, but also signs of neglect. A unkempt door, garage doors, gate or windows will give them an easy way into your house.

Make sure to take care of doors, windows, garages and other vulnerable spots around your house. Get repairmen to fix anything that is broken and replace everything that is too old.

Little to No Security Measures

A house will entice the eyes of thieves when they see little to no resistance such as absence of security cameras, poor lighting, no locks and others.

Spruce up the defense of your home by installing safety features; you do not have to splurge on the most high-tech equipment to keep your home safe. The proper placement of lights and a few locks will do the trick for you.

You Post on Social Media

Savvy thieves will browse through someone’s account to determine the best time to break in. Posting you are on holiday (or worse, your current whereabouts) will give a burglar an opportunity to break into your home.

Tools Scattered Outside

Thieves scout the area and look for potential items to use during their attempt to break in. Ladders, hammers, shovels, rakes and other household materials are viable tools for burglars.

Vigilance is necessary to prevent theft, and breaking and entering; you must take precautionary measures to make your home less appealing to thieves.

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