Marriage Proposal: Do it Right, Make it Special

Marriage ProposalWe live in a modern world, but when it comes marriage proposal, everyone wants to stick with the tradition. Research suggests that most women want it to be a surprise, with their man down on one knee before popping the question. Surprise is one of the most important factors and girls would very much appreciate it if guys will take the time and effort to plan for a proposal.

The surprise factor, however, is not the only thing that makes it special. Here are some of the things that matter when asking a girl’s hand for marriage.

Permission from Parents

A majority of women think that men should at least ask permission from the parents before popping the question. Getting the blessing of both the mother and the father is a brave thing to do, but some guys are less inclined in supporting this practice. While they agree that is important, their future father-in-law intimidates them slightly, though they are loath to admit it.

Presence of Ring

The engagement ring, of course, matters. AAA Jewelers cites studies that show that the biggest proposal mistake a man make is not having a ring. A proposal without a ring will not sound true or legitimate, as the girl will not have something to show for it. Jewelry and diamond ring shops in Utah agree that men should take time to research about rings to buy the perfect one.

Intimate or Public

When it comes to the intimacy of proposal, it always depends on the woman. Some want it to be intimate or just between the two of them, while others prefer it to be in public or in front of a large crowd. The personality of the woman matters the most when thinking of the most appropriate way to pop the question. What was said during the proposal is also important, so guys need to practice ahead of time.

Proposal stories are told to family, friends, and colleagues, so it needs to be planned and rehearsed. The pressure is always on men, but there are resources available in planning for the proposal. For those who cannot do the work on their own, getting the services of proposal planner is beneficial.

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