Luxury RVs: For when The Road is Your Home


motorhomesMotorhomes come in different models and sizes. They are customizable to ensure your comfort while staying in one. Some brands even take their RV to the next level by producing the most expensive units yet.

The New Marco Polo by Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz aims to draw the modern explorer with the new Marco Polo. It highlights the function of an RV in a compact vehicle with a touch of elegance. It supports one bed, a small pop-up table, and seats.

Although it is more compact than other RVs, fans appreciate its timeless features. With a motorhome like this, traveling in style is not just a dream anymore.

CR-1 Carbon Global Caravan Technologies

This RV stands out for its carbon fiber structure and opulent detailing. Its solid exterior construction and fuel efficiency have been a hit among minimalist campers.

It is not an RV to mess with. With proper maintenance, Moix RV thinks the black finish can last for decades. Its interior has enough comfortable space to live in, making it ideal for businessmen and celebrities on tour.

Off Limits by Lotus Caravans

The name itself says a lot about its price. It offers elegant, durable and high-end features that many people never thought possible on camper vehicles. The upholstered interior lounge, together with a queen-size bed, adds to its overall appeal. The RV comes with added features, making it one desirable luxury motorhome.

While luxurious RVs also come with a high price, it doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable in your own mobile home. You are free to customize the space you have in the RV. Maximize the space so you can live in style, even if you are not royalty.

In fact, why not get ideas from these lavish RVs in designing yours? Customize your RV according to your preferences and the number of people you travel with. That way, being on the road will always be fun and enjoyable.

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