Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Used Oil Disposal

Used Oil Disposal in PukekoheUsed oil is dangerous, especially when it is contaminated, so you should get rid of it immediately. Some people who change their own oil throw them in the rubbish bin with the rest of the household wastes. Others just throw it down the drain without thinking about the repercussions. These are quick fixes, and these used oil disposal methods benefit no one. What can you do instead? Be responsible for your actions and learn about getting rid of waste oil properly.

Environmental degradation from irresponsible oil disposal

Do you change your own oil? If you collect it, then you should be storing it somewhere safe and secure. Make sure you catch every single drop of it. Otherwise, oil particles will be washed off when you clean out the garage and end up in storm drains, and eventually leach into the soil.

What do you do with the oil you have collected? When you throw it in the bin or pour it down the drain, where do you think it ends up? While out of sight, the oil you have irresponsibly dealt with is already contaminating land and water resources, and perhaps even killing wildlife. Oil degrades the environment slowly, and its presence will be felt for many years to come.

Where to bring the oil

Some auto shops and service stations accept containers of waste oil and recycle them. Others just collect the oil and bring them over to recycling facilities if they don’t have the equipment. If you want to know whether there is a recycling facility near your home, you can go online and utilise recycling locator tools.

If you have made up your mind to collect oil for recycling, do not mix the substance with other types of oil. Do not let household chemicals and other fluids get into the mix as well. Recycling facilities will know what to do so that the oil you give them can be processed and reused again.

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