Tree Stumps: What You Need to Know

Tree Stump

Tree Stump When it comes to stump grinding, you can either rent a stump grinder or you can hire a stump grinding service to remove the tree stump in your property.The stump removal company you call will send their experienced staff member to assess the tree stumps. Many stump grinding companies in Tauranga will assess the following things before they do the job to ensure the service they render is appropriate for your case.

How big is the tree stump?

Stump removal services often charge by the diameter of the stump. Typically, the larger the stump, the bigger the required grinder and the higher the cost to remove the stump. The size of the stump could determine whether you want to dig it out, or use a stump grinder. Sometimes, the depth and size of the stump could require both methods.

What type of tree is it?

Hard, dense tree stumps are hard to remove, and they could cost more. Ask tree experts to know what kind of tree you have in your lawn, so you’d be prepared for the kind of work that needs to be done.

How deep is the root system of the stump?

The root system of the felled tree determines how deep and wide the stump removal professionals have to dig. The more hours spent on digging, the higher the cost of the service.

Is the area accessible for the grinder?

The company needs to evaluate how accessible the area is for their grinding machines. The company also needs to consider which tools will be suitable for the job. Some grinding jobs need clearing of vast expanses of land so the professionals can reach the stumps. Jobs like these require permits and clearances, and so add to the cost of the job.

What hazards could be present?

Common hazards include rocks, stones, and underground services. The person operating the grinder must take necessary caution, and that may mean more working hours.

How many staff members are required onsite?

The more complex a job is, the more people are needed on site. A job that requires more than one staff member on the site is going to cost more.

If your landsacaping needs involves a stump premoval, it is always best to ask the professionals first before making any decisions. Let them assess the situation and whether you could do it on your own or let them handle it. A detailed assessment is always necessary so you’re sure the job is done right.

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