Where Is Recruitment Headed? Three Trends Defining Recruitment In 2018

Recruitment and employment confederation

A report released by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) provides a snapshot of recruiters’ input in the UK labor market. According to data available from the report, in 2016/17 alone, recruiters helped almost a million people get employed in permanent jobs. This highlights a thriving recruitment industry in the UK as revenue from temporary and permanent placements hit £32.2 Billion.

The industry, like any other, is subject to change and indeed, is experiencing its fair share of change. Unsurprisingly, technology is one of the most significant factors defining the recruitment landscape, and its effect is significant. Given the UK capital’s multicultural outlook, youthful and dynamic work environment, any professional recruitment agency in London will closely monitor and follow industry trends where necessary. A few of these trends include the following.

Screening Candidates via Artificial Intelligence

The incorporation of artificial intelligence into recruitment seems inevitable at this stage. It is expected that more complex and intelligent algorithms capable of machine-learning will be developed for screening and communicating with candidates. The objective is to speed up the shortlisting process.

Agile Working

This is one of the emerging buzzwords in the recruitment industry. It describes flexibility and fluidity in work that emphasizes activity rather than the location in addition to deconstructing traditional staff and team relationship structures for maximum efficiency and responsiveness. Industry-leading corporations like Google and Facebook are among the early adopters of the agile working concept with an impressive 86% of candidates stating their preference for an agile work environment.


London probably has to deal with these phenomena more than any other capital globally. Its workforce is prominently diverse along various lines; age, gender, culture and even disability among others. This places a demand on employers to prioritize diversity and cultural intelligence in the drive for effective integration and enhanced productivity.

These are just a few of the changes, and the rate of evolution is accelerating. While these may present a challenge for many employers, ambitious and dynamic companies will recognize the opportunities therein and take advantage to recruit and retain the best talent.

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