4 Dessert Wines You Should Order When Dining Out

Glasses of Wine

Glasses of WineDessert wines complement fresh fruits, chocolate tortes, and a range of cheese types. In some cases, people order them simply because of their sweet flavour. There are five main types of dessert wines, under which there are still many different brands and kinds.

If you’re planning to visit the best bars in Brisbane, gerardsbar.com.au recommends ordering the following dessert wines:

Gramps Botrytis Semillon Riverena

Founded by Johann Gramp, Orlando Wines is one of the most popular botrytis semillon dessert wine producers in Australia. This low-alcohol drink features a pungent yet funky aroma. Its rich taste is similar to a honey-marmalade blend with crushed nuts and bark chips. Its fresh, juicy stone fruit and citrus flavour offers a warm yet refreshing acidity as well.

Torbreck ‘The Bothie’ Frontignac Barossa

David Powell, owner-operator of Torbreck, harvests Brown Frontignac (Muscat à Petits Grains) grapes from Helbig Vineyard at Marananga. The grapes undergo different production stages to create a remarkable set of flavours with the right level of ripeness. This dessert wine maintains the natural sweetness of Brown Frontignac, giving it an alcohol level of 13.4%.

Le Tertre du Lys d’Or Sauternes

This dessert wine is famous for its bright yellow colour and pale golden hue. Its rich palate texture features a concentration of four flavours – apricot, honey, raisins, and spice – and a good aftertaste. It has an alcohol content level of 13%.

Vietti Moscato d’Asti ‘La Cascinetta DOCG Piemonte

This popular Italian white is light yet fruity and bubbly. It’s made from Muscat grapes, which producers harvest from the vineyards of Vietti estate in Castiglione Tinella. Many people use Muscat for non-wine purposes and distilled spirits as well, like raisins and Pisco. Other examples of dessert wine made from Muscat are Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Asti Spumante, and Moscatel.

These are only some of the ideal dessert wines you can order from bars and dining establishments. Don’t be afraid to try new flavours, as these will likely make your dinners extra special.

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