4 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Looking Fresh and Beautiful


LawnMaintaining your lawn is essential to keep your exterior area always looking green, fresh and beautiful. This is what your guests will see first, so if you want to leave a great first impression, keeping it clean and stunning is important. Here are some maintenance and cleaning tips for your lawn.

Mow and Prune Regularly

Mowing your lawn is the most basic landscape maintenance rule because an unkempt lawn will automatically make everything else look bad. The longer and sharper the mower blades are, the better. Tree loppers from Perth-based BeaverTree.com.au suggest pruning twigs and small branches for a more polished look. This will help your plants grow even bigger and more beautiful. Do these two things at least once a week.

Apply Fertiliser

Aside from being well-maintained, your lawn also needs to be as healthy and as green as possible. You need to apply fertiliser at the proper time to achieve the best results. When you buy some, you may consult an expert to know which type best suits the plants you have and which times to use the fertilizer.

Get Rid of Insects, Weeds and Diseases

If dry areas and brown circles start appearing in your lawn, it only means there’s a problem. The big circles are called brownouts and appears if there are insects or fungal diseases that leave strokes of noticeable dead grass. Calling an expert landscaper is the best decision if you notice any irregularities on your lawn.

Try Deep Watering

If you want plants and grass with deeper roots, deep lawn watering is for you. This will make your lawn look greener. You’ll need an inch of water for every 12 inches of soil there is to help grasses grow. Doing this every three days is actually better than watering it a few minutes daily.

Keep your lawn fresh and protected by following these useful maintenance tips. What’s the use of gardening if you can’t maintain the beauty of plants, right?

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