What You Need to Know About Grandparents Rights

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If you have been denied contact with your grandchildren, you will have questions. It is possible that the decision came from a heated proclamation of a parent. Sometimes the phone calls and visits suddenly stop. What do you do now?

Each state has a statute concerning grandparents’ rights. However, a family law attorney firm, such as the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne in Colorado Springs, would know that only a few will benefit from these laws.

The underlying assumption about grandparents’ rights is that grandparents should coordinate with the parent to gain access to their grandchildren. With that said, grandparents who want to push through with suing for visitation rights should understand the effects of this action.


Initially, children belong to their parents. Grandparents should refrain from commenting about how their children are raising their grandchildren and resist advising unless asked. However, if it is evident that the grandchildren experience abuse, legally the grandparent must report the incident.

Grandparents are not obligated to defend the abusers, even if they are their children. Additionally, legal counsel is also advisable if the parents are abusing drugs or alcohol.

Surrogate Parenting

At times when the parent faces charges on drug or alcohol abuse, psychological issues, or economic hardships, they allow the grandparent to take their place in raising their children as surrogate parents. The children may live with their grandparents until such time that the parents are back on their feet.

Financial Cost

Unfortunately, legal fees are not fixed, which is why it is important to do further research or seek initial legal counsel first. Some grandparents can push through with the lawsuit because of great savings. The financial cost normally depends on the complexity of the lawsuit.

Attorney and fees, cost of a guardian ad litem, and mediation are just some of the things that carry a price tag.

Legal Access

Even though the chances of gaining legal access to your grandchildren can differ from state to state, the justice system always recognizes the relationship of grandparents to their grandchildren.

Family law attorneys can provide you with legal counsel as to which would better appeal to the court. Keep in mind that legal action can destroy relationships. However, there is a reason laws protecting the rights of grandparents exist.

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