Down Payment: How it Affects Your Mortgage

The down payment you can afford has a significant role when purchasing a new home. Other than affecting the amount of mortgage you can borrow, it can also influence your interest rate, the right type of loan for you, and your monthly mortgage insurance, if [Read More]

Salt Lake Metro’s Apartment Vacancy Rate Reaches 2.6%

Now seems to be a good time to invest in more apartments in the Salt Lake metro area of Utah, as vacancy rates reached 2.6% in mid-2017, according to Cushman & Wakefield research. Growing demand for multifamily properties serves as the main reason behind mostly unoccupied properties. Primary [Read More]

Investing 101

Investments need not be daunting. Let us take the first step into it by getting familiar with some of the terms. Saving vs. Investing Saving money in banks can keep our savings safe, and easily accessible. Investing is promoted by financial advisers, though, because keeping [Read More]