3 Online Marketing Techniques to Invest in This 2017

online marketing
Online marketing has been growing over the years and will continue to grow this year. This is because technological advancements have made it possible for everyone to stay connected on the web no matter where they are. People are more reliant than ever on the Internet to find products and services whenever they need it.

If you’re a business owner or online marketer, here are some things to focus on this 2017 to make your campaigns more effective:

Video Marketing

Today, it’s not only about articles and images. This 2017, the year of video marketing will totally boom. Social media has made it possible for everyone, both individuals and businesses, to broadcast live videos. This helps in promoting events and letting your audience know what’s currently happening. In-the-moment content enabled through video marketing is something you should start learning about. If you want to make a mark, you can’t go live like an amateur or post videos with mediocre quality.

Data Visualisation

PurpleClick Media noted that internet marketing relies significantly on data interpretation and analysis because you need to assess your campaigns so you could make changes that will improve them. With a lot of data to interpret (amount of traffic, bounce rate, customer demographic, and traffic sources), it’s getting more complicated and tricky for a data analyst to do their job. With data visualisation tools, though, they can improve the way they see and present data to the business owners.

Augmented Reality

Remember Pokemon Go? This is a good example of how effective augmented reality marketing can get. Augmented reality will be more relevant this year, with ads, apps, and games being the most effective in keeping your audience interested and turning them into customers.

These are some of the many possible ways to improve your online marketing campaigns this 2017. Hire the best experts and never stop learning to keep your website strong SEO-wise.

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