What to Consider When Installing Smoke Alarms

Smoke AlarmProperties that are being used as rentals are required to have a smoke alarm properly fitted.

Installing a smoke alarm is one key aspect of local building codes that cannot be ignored. Property owners can be legally liable by failing to follow safety regulations. Landlords will need to see that proper smoke alarms are fitted into a room or home on a property.

The Basics
The price ranges for standard smoke alarms will often vary. One type, which is becoming common in a residential home and in rental properties is a photoelectric smoke alarm. This product will usually cost less than $40.

Another option that is less than $15 is a 9V ionisation smoke alarm. One issue with basic 9V ionisation smoke alarms is a need for regular testing. If the battery dies, then the unit will not work. A photoelectric smoke alarm is a better option due to being able to detect the signs of a fire faster.

Product Identification
Homeowners may not be sure about the type of smoke alarm installed in their home. There are various symbols and other indicators that are displayed on smoke alarms. Older smoke alarms have a radiation symbol, which is yellow and black. Newer photoelectric smoke alarms appear like other smoke alarms in a home, but do not have this symbol.

Where to Purchase
A common 9V ionisation smoke alarm can be purchased at any home improvement store or a hardware store. This product can also be found at some retailers, such as a grocery store or electronics store, which have home goods. Homeowners can easily install battery-powered smoke alarms themselves without a licensed electrician.

Professional Installation
A photoelectric smoke alarm is a product that is wired to a home’s electrical panel. This means fitting a new smoke alarm will require a professional electrician. One key factor about this type of product is it will need a 240 volt connection. This means a special connection may need to be made.

Smoke Alarm Facts
One smoke alarm must be fitted between each bedroom in a home and on the main escape path for each level

  • Common smoke alarms will have a lifespan of about ten years
  • Poisonous gases cannot be easily detected by occupants in a home who are asleep
  • Homeowners and landlords need to check and test a smoke alarm once each month
  • Clean the grille area of a smoke alarm once every six months to remove any dust
  • If you have a batter-powered smoke alarm, then it will chirp or beep before the battery drains

Contact a licensed electrical company for more information about smoke alarms in Perth or hire a professional electrician for the installation.

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