Different Types Of Stainless Steel Tubes And Their Use

Stainless Steel TubesStainless steel has become the silverware of the modern times because the material is low on maintenance. It’s corrosion resistant and does not react with other metals it comes in contact with.

Stainless steel along with small amounts of chromium that gives it its corrosion resistance property has a wide application. Used in the making of silverware, this alloy is also utilized in the building of various tubing for industrial use.

There are different types of stainless steel tubes used for an array of specific purposes. Normally, stainless steel type 304 is used for the making of tubes and pipes. However, in certain applications, according to IMS and Service Steel, other stainless steel grades are preferred based on their specific properties.

Sanitary Tubing

In applications where the stainless steel come in contact with food materials and other sensitive items and sanitation is of great importance, ASTMA270 grade is typically used. This kind of stainless steel tubing is suitable for such applications because the materials are:

-resistant to corrosion
-does not tarnish easily
-easy to clean

Mechanical Tubing

To make bearings, cylinders and hollow tubes, normally the mechanical stainless steel tubing is used. This kind of tubing is suitable for such applications because it can be manipulated to create a variety of shapes such as square and rectangle, in addition to the traditional round shape. Two grades stainless steel are employed for mechanical tubing purposes namely-


Aircraft Tubing

In aircraft applications, where not only corrosion, but heat resistance is also desired, aircraft stainless tubing is used. This type of tubing, which is consist of chromium and nickel stainless steel, lends the material

-high strength
-the ability to be welded seamlessly

Hydraulic Line Tubing

In the aerospace industry, fuel injection lines and hydraulic systems are integral parts. To make these, typically the aircraft hydraulic line tubing is utilized, which employs stainless steel of grades 304 or 304L. This type of stainless steel is ideal for this purpose because of its high strength, corrosion resistance and ductility.

In different industries where steel pipes and steel tubes are necessary components, it pays to know the difference.

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