Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at a Healthy Mouth of Teeth; Here’s How to Get Yours

Woman showing her teeth in clinic

Everyone deserves a healthy, happy smile to be proud of. All too often, however, things don’t work out that way. Many lifestyle factors can impact on your oral health, with 74% of adults in the UK having had at least one of their teeth extracted and only 9% of UK men and 11% of UK women having oral health that can be classed as excellent.

Modern dentistry, however, offers a second chance to anyone who has lost one or more teeth, whether through accident, injury, tooth decay or gum disease. If you choose not to replace your missing teeth you risk not just your oral health and your body confidence, but also your general health, as eating a healthy diet becomes increasingly difficult.

Sheen Dental in Richmond offers a number of ways to replace missing teeth. In many cases dental implants are the best tooth replacement option, because they provide a long-term solution that can, in many cases last for the rest of your life.

Dental implants aren’t replacement teeth, as such; they are replacement tooth roots. They are placed in direct contact with the jaw bone, and after a healing period during which they mesh with the bone they can support a range of dental restorations – dentures, bridgework, or a single crown, depending on your preference and how many teeth need to be replaced.

The combination of implants to replace your tooth roots and appropriate prosthodontic fixtures to replace the crowns of your teeth provide the most realistic solution to tooth loss in terms of both appearance and function.

If you are having one or a few teeth replaced, your dentist and dental technician will work together to ensure that these new teeth, in crown or bridge form, look just like your natural teeth – they can even be “aged” so that they fit in with the rest of the teeth in your mouth and look completely natural. There are several options for dentures to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws, all of which will look and act just like natural teeth.

With implants, the function will be entirely realistic – truly a second chance at a mouth full of teeth.

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