Ill-Maintained Hot Tubs: Causing More than Just Headaches

Hot Tub

Hot TubHot tubs are meant for great relaxation and stress relief. However, not taking good care of it and delaying repairs not only hurts your wallet, but also can put you and other tubbers at risk of certain health problems.

Some problems of ill-maintained hot tubs are the following:

  • It can develop leaks in its pump seal, which can lead to motor failure.

One of the most common consequences of improper hot tub maintenance is the development of pump seal leaks. These issues can also arise from underuse of water chemistry chemicals, which hot tub repairs in Salt Lake City, like from, can pinpoint early.

When your hot tub’s pump seal begins to leak, this can damage its motor prematurely. A failed motor means no more hot water in the tub, and in most cases, require major repairs that are even more expensive.

  • Its thermostat can burn out, putting tubbers at risk of scalding.

Ill-maintained hot tubs can also put you and other tubbers at the serious risk of scalding, due to a busted thermostat. Scalding does not only cause major burns; it can also be so serious that, according to Safety Policy, it leads to more than 30 fatalities in the nation every year.

With correct and routine maintenance, you can avoid thermostat problems, or, if it shows signs of disrepair, prompt replacement can prevent scalding.

  • It can become a breeding ground for the Legionnaire’s Disease-causing bacteria.

Living Safer cited Legionnaire’s Disease as another health risk of an improperly-maintained hot tub. Caused by the life-threatening Legionella bacteria, this disease can bring about flu-like symptoms including coughs, chills, and high fever.

By simply cleaning, disinfecting, and regularly servicing your hot tub, you can keep enjoying its relaxing benefits without worrying about contracting this disease.

All in all, cleaning the exterior of your hot tub is not enough to keep it running smoothly and efficiently; regular maintenance and prompt hot tub services are key to ensuring its safety and longevity.

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