Practical Advantages of Aluminium Gates


GateHomeowners have traditionally chosen stainless steel or wrought iron for their driveway gates, but there has been an ongoing shift to aluminium. When choosing a gate for your driveway or front door, you could save some money by going aluminium.

There are many reasons aluminium gates are the best option, described here by Boardwalk.


Aluminium is abundant, so they are typically cheaper than other metals. It is much more affordable than wrought iron, for instance, but it can look just as pretty. Aluminium is very versatile, so it can look just as decorative as wrought iron and more ornate than stainless steel. In addition, aluminium is available in different colours. You will not need to paint it at all.


Aluminium is much lighter than other metals used for gates. Aluminium gates can be manual or automatic, and it uses less power to open and close either way. As it is lighter, it reduces the stress on tracks, rollers, or hinges that support your gate, making them last longer.


Aluminium is rustproof, which is a big plus in terms of appearance and maintenance. Most aluminium gates come with an enamel coating to make it more durable. This means you do not need to put protective coatings on it to prevent environmental damage. It does not chip, flake, or crack.


The right kind of aluminium gates can be as tough as other types of gate, but you have to choose well. Some aluminium gates consist of hollow tubing, which can be a problem when it comes to security. Using hollow tube aluminium gates is fine for pool fences and the like, but as a driveway gate, you want solid-cast aluminium at least ½ inch thick. You can also go with hollow tubing that has solid aluminium rods inside. It will still be lightweight, but it will be as secure as stainless steel or wrought iron gate.

Aluminium is a versatile, all-around metal. Choose aluminium for your gate and you would enjoy a secure property without having to stress yourself because it is too heavy.

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