What You Get From Sleeping on A Dirty Mattress

Dirty Bed

Dirty BedNobody wants to sleep on a dirty mattress, but more often than not, people disregard bed stains and the other mess they get. Sure, you only lie on it for almost a third of your day, how bad can it be, right?
Are we so tired that we turn a blind eye on our comfy beds? Your soft mattress can only take so much. Green Clean Restoration and Cleaning Services warns people of all that you can get from sleeping on a dirty mattress.

Bed Bugs

A dirty mattress can attract bed bugs, and these little suckers feed off your blood. While they can choose to live anywhere in your home, they are commonly found in beds or any piece of upholstered furniture. Other than that, they are most active at nighttime, during your sleep. They also like to bite on the face, arms, hands and neck.

You might not notice the bites on you at first since they do not hurt at all, and they may seem like a rash. Still they will itch and swell just like normal bites.


Apart from dust, your mattress can culture bacteria from it and trigger your allergies. This not only makes it hard to sleep, but also unhealthy. Just dealing with identifying your allergy is troublesome and stressful enough, having to deal with it is even more so.

Other than mold, your bed can also get mildew—a type of mold formed from your sweat, which you are expected to secrete at least a pint every night. With the toxins already present in it, your sweat or other liquid that provides moisture can trigger the formation of different fungi that you may be allergic to.

Your sleep should give you comfort and rest to set you up for the next day; this is something a dirty mattress cannot offer. Getting yourself a clean sleep starts with a clean mattress. Then, you can think of all the things you won’t be getting from a dirty mattress and enjoy a good night’s rest.

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