Why Switch to Oven-Baked Car Repainting?

The value of your car significantly depreciates over time. This is even more so if its paint has already lost its natural shine and gloss. And while respraying your car can be a do-it-yourself project, the quality of the workmanship may not be that great. [Read More]

Upgrade Your Ride: Mag Wheels

When customizing your vehicle, mag wheels or alloy wheels made by Tyretracks may be the best investment you can have. To many vehicle experts, alloy wheels are the best kind of wheels. They have many advantages that just leaves steel wheels in the dust. Lighter [Read More]

The Ever-Changing Love Story Between Americans and Automobiles

Google the phrase “America’s love affair with” and the search engine will suggest three dominant items: “racing”, “guns”, and “cars”. Two of those answers obviously have something — nay, everything — to do with automobiles. A changing dream Historically, Americans have always had a strong [Read More]

4 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car

Your home and your car are among the most expensive things that you will ever purchase. However much you love nice cars, try to manage your finances responsibly. It is true you will find an overpriced used car and great bargains on brand new ones. [Read More]