It’s Time for a New One: Signs You Need to Replace Your Locks

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lock keyYour door locks are your first line of defense against robbers and intruders. This is why it is important to make sure they are in good working condition and that you guard any duplicate copies. You also need to be proactive in replacing locks to avoid the possibility of malfunctions.

Here are a few signs that your keys need replacement, as discussed by locksmiths in Miami.

Worn Out Locks

Old or worn out locks are easier to pick and break. If your locks are showing signs of visible wear and tear, like extreme rust and tarnish, it is the right time to replace them. If it is also becoming increasingly difficult to open or lock, you may need immediate repair to avoid the possibility of getting locked out.

Recent Robbery

Change your locks if you have had a recent break-in. According to locksmiths from Miami Beach, forced entry will most likely have compromised the integrity of your locks. This will also put you at greater risk for another home invasion. After the robbery, it is best to believe that your keys have fallen into the wrong hands. Change your locks with better and stronger ones.

Lost Keys

Improve security by replacing or re-keying lost or stolen locks. This is particularly important for front door or outdoor locks. If you frequently lose keys, however, you should use combination door locks. These types of door security use number input systems to open or close doors. Just make sure to change the combination regularly to avoid compromised locks.

Duplicate Keys

Change your locks if you’ve given spare keys to service people or tradesmen. The same goes if you ask neighbors to check on your house while you’re away. Although you may trust the person to return the keys, other people may have had access to the keys or may have made duplicates to catch you blindsided later on.

It is best to change your locks every few years even if you haven’t experienced robbery or break ins. Consider locks with bump-proof features or deadbolt set for superior security.

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  1. If you want to keep burglars at bay, get a guard dog and have him stay outside. I think this is much better than expensive deadbolt locks!

  2. I agree! We have a trained guard dog to alert us of any possible robberies. I think our canine defense makes robbers think twice about approaching our property.

  3. It is also best to have get new keys if you’re moving to a new home. It may seem impossible to know how many keys the previous homeowners gave out. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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